Select Show & Sale         August 28, 2005
                 NAU Equine Center
               Rapid City  SD

Johnston Quarter Horses
Members of RQHBA
Sale----August 28, 2005--NAU Equine Center Rapid City SD


JQH Yukon Bailey 1999 chestnut  Alamitos Bar, Leo & Chieflika
15.1 handsbloodlines

Cowtown Honor2001 bayKing P234 & Three Bars
Sold15 handsbreeding

Keleo Scotty King2001 sorrelKing P234 & Leo
14.1 bulldog style

Black Brass Clint2001 blackPoco Bueno, Jesse James
Sold14.3 (still growing)Alamitos Bar & Chieflika

Tuff Jesse James2002  brown   Poco Bueno, Jesse James
Sold14.3 handsTuff Order breeding

JQH Poco Maverick  2002 grayPoco Bueno, Jesse James
14.0 (still growing)Alamitos Bar & Chieflika

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Mares & fillies

Kings Good Lass2002 sorrelKing, Leo & Three Bars bloodlines
will be 14 hands    NFQHA eligible (about 90%)

JQH Kings Kitten2003 sorrelKing, Alamitos Bar AAA &
                                                                       Ski Cat AAA bloodlines                 

Chieflikas Honor2003 bayThree Bars, King, Leo &
                                                                     Chieflika  breeding

Miss Ski Cat Poco   2003 bayPoco Bueno, Jesse James
                                                                            Alamitos Bar & Chieflika               

Spice2002 sorrelKing & Three Bars
Not registeredboth parents were registered, but not registered      Performance prospect deluxe                    due to DNA complications                                           

Miss  Leo Shanty1983 brown  Grand-daughter of Leo Maudie
  AAA Supreme Champion
bred to Forty Two King for 2005 foal

Miss Coureur King     1999 bay22% King P234
92% foundation
bred to Hatcreek Bailey for 2005 foal