NFQHA 100% Foundation
18% Poco Bueno
16% King P234
12.5% Jesse James
MF Strips Top Brass
1997 Dun Stallion
Top Brass has produced 70%+  colored foals out of bay, sorrel & gray mares.  He has produced buckskin, dun, grullo, red dun, black, gray & bay colts.  We have sold his colts to buyers in South Dakota,  Minnesota,  Wyoming,  Iowa,  Wisconsin , New York & California.  We are riding some of his colts now & are really pleased with how easy they are to train. 
We purchased Top Brass from Murrey & Lois French in Kansas.   We have really liked his colts that we have crossed on Leo or Three Bars bred mares.   We kept several fillies by him &decided to cut down on numbers of horses.   We sold him to Rancy Milne of Nebraska.   We will have 7 foals by him in 2004.  Some will be for sale.
Extended Pedigree


Photo May 2002
                                                  Poco Stripe
                              Poco King Stripe
                                                  Tri Mini King
                  MF Champs Stripe
                                                  Champs Big Jaw
                              MF Champs Chita
                                                  Poco Gold Peach
MF Stips Top Brass
                                                  Collins Jesse
                              Doubting Tom
                                                  Collins Daisy
                  Poco Phyd
                                                  Hackberry Red
                               Blazers Cutie
                                                  Bar V Blue Blazer
Thanks Randy