2018 Foals
In 2018 we will have 7 foals by Kings Breezy Doc.    We also have a buckskin colt  by Flying Z Ace and a buckskin filly out of  Zee
Dam:  Ms Double Chieflika
by Hatcreek Bailey by Good Turk 
by Keleo Bailey
ROM AQHA  Champion
3/4 sister to money and saddle winning calf roping/team roping horse 
 Sister .to saddle & money winning team roping horse & calf roping horse. 
Dam:  Country Royal Sis            
Foundation eligible
22% King P234
by Forty Two King
42.2% King P234
Doc Bar breeding
out of Be Docs Molly 
by Rockin Chair Doc

Triple Tough Chief
 Bay colt
Foaled April 21
A couple of our mares are daughters of  Forty Two King.  Forty Two King is a linebred King P234 stallion that traces to King 13 times.  He is 42% King breeding and looks a lot like King.  He passes on the wonderful King disposition and athletic ability to his foals.  He has produced ranch horses, rope and rodeo  horses and youth horses.  Our other mares carry the good old foundation blood of Chieflika and Leo or the speed breeding of Alamitos Bar and Three Bars.  We also have some mares that are half sisters to Hatcreek Bailey or daughters of Hatcreek Bailey, a black great grandson of Leo and a grandson of Chieflika. 

 Kings Breezy Doc is a buttermilk buckskin great grandson of  Doc Bar  and a great grandson of Chieflika.  He is 16% King p234 by blood.  He is a grandson of Forty Two King and gets another dose of King from King Cobra, the only daughter of King that was bred to Doc Bar.  
Docs Peaches 
N Creme
 Perlino filly
Foaled April17

out of Three Bar Marie  by Town Honor by Camptown Boy

 Marie did not have a foal in 2018
 Kings Breezy Slip
 buckskin filly 
Foaled  April 19

Kings Keleo Doc
May 9


Buckskin filly
Foaled May 11
Kings Windy Chief
Buckskin colt 
 Breezys colt
 Foaled May 5
Sire:  Flying Z Ace 
       pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/flying+z+ace
Chick is 
by Forty Two King
42.2% King P234
by Forty Two King
42.2% King P234
Dam:  Kings Centava Breeze           
pedigree of dam
22% King P234 
NFQHA eligible
Sire is Forty Two King and dam is Chieflikas Miss Skip, 
out of Miss Centava Chief.  
She could be registered in the NFQHA at 96%.  

Honor is a great kids horse.  She is perfect as a first horse and babysitter for children.   She is bred   to be a sweetheart with King p234 on her papers. 
Kelly is the dam of Kings Leo Ace, one of the sale toppers at the Price Ranch Horse Sale at Buffalo in 2015.  Buddy was an excellent "do anything ranch horse"  with heeling experience and started on barrels. 
Flicka is the dam of Bailey, owned by Schapers of North Dakota.  Bailey is a college rodeo goat tying horse and has been competing and winning since she was 3 years old.
Flying Z Ace :  sire of the colt
Breezy is the dam of CJ.  CJ has won money and prizes in poles and barrels and is now being ridden by our grandchildren.
Breezy is also the dam of our stallion Kings Breezy Doc.

Docs King Coureur 
aka. Wow
 Palomino colt
Foaled June 6

Dam:  Miss Coureur King 
by Forty Two King
42.2% King P234
Miss Coureur KIng  is Foundation eligible
22% King P234
 Sister .to saddle & money winning team roping horse & calf roping horse. 
Cassie's filly
Miss Honor Bar King 
bay colt 
Foaled June 11
Zee's buckskin filly
March 7

Breeze Z Chieflika is 
by Flying Z Ace and out of 
Miss Centava Breeze

This filly sells as grade.  Zee was accidentally bred by a buckskin colt. We had 2 half brothers(both were sons of Kings Breezy Doc) but the filly sells as grade because we do not know which one was the sire.   The filly is an absolute sweetheart---just loves to get attention and be scratched. She is a very quick athletic foal.    

Sold as 3 in 1 package to Arizona
Sold to New Mexico